Nine to Five Box is a theatrical dance project, it is inspired by the daily formal routine for formal and non-formal jobs with the limitation and struggle it creates that leads to a ‘’loop/routine''.
The Manipulator
People have been stuck into the nine-to-five routine for decades without being aware of the fatal outcomes of it.

The obstacle here is not the nine-to-five itself, but how everyone believes that they will fail or die from hunger if they don't stick to it.

This performance takes a place with six dancers/performers, performing a reflection of how we want to escape from our routine and reality but we are pulled back to it without realizing.
The fatal outcomes of spending most of their lifetimes following the pattern
Living in a loop
The Box
Following the trend

Director: Jamal Suleiman 
Jamal Suleiman
Mohammad Qattan
Oday Talal
Movement consultant:
 Abdulhadi Nahleh 
Oday Talal 
Mohammad Qattan 
Daniel Issa 
Akka Hamdan 
Visual artist/ performer: 
Laila Hajbi 
Yazan Abu Jarad 
Videographer: Amer Abu Aitah 
Reema Shatat
Maria Asenova
NGI Productions
Creative director: 
Xiaoman Ren 
Sponsored by:
 Studio8 Dance Company @studio8jo
 European Union National Institute for Culture @eunic_jo
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